of informatics of university of piraeus

Research labs

Laboratory of Software Technology
Head: Professor Virvou Maria
207, Central Building

Laboratory of Information Systems
Head: Assoc. Professor Alepis Efhtymios
604, Lampraki 126

Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality
Καθηγητής Παναγιωτόπουλος Θεμιστοκλής
Αίθουσα: 212, Κεντρικό Κτίριο

Laboratory of Decision Support Systems
Head: Assoc. Professor Apostolou Dimitrios
209, Central Building

Laboratory of Internet and Telecommunication Services and Security Systems
Head: Professor Douligeris Christos
208, Central Building

Laboratory of Integrated Computer Systems
Head: Assist. Professor Psarakis Michael
205, Central Building

Cyber-Security Research Laboratory
Head: Assoc. Professor Kotzanikolaou Panagiotis
502, Central Building

Laboratory for the Recognition of Standards and Machine Learning - Multimedia
Head: Professor Tsihrintzis Georgios
207, Central Building

Laboratory of Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Informatics
Head: Assoc. Professor Konstantopoulos Charalampos
103, Lampraki 126

Laboratory of Digital Culture, Smart Cities, IoT and Advanced Digital Technologies & Services
Head: Professor Vergados Dimitrios
208, Central Building

Laboratory of Data Science
Head: Professor Theodoridis Ioannis
205, Central Building