of informatics of university of piraeus

Undergraduate Curriculum

The new University of Piraeus Department of Informatics Studies Program aims to fulfill to the greatest extent possible the following objectives:

  1. Alignment with current guidelines internationally defined in the IT sector and the labor market needs,
  2. Identifying the specific identity of the Department by establishing guidelines adequately treat for undergraduate level domains-edge IT,
  3. Create a "nursery" for young scientists integrating modern subjects and courses in conjunction with the already deployed Graduate Programs Department.

To fulfill these objectives in the new curriculum introduced in the last two years of study in three directions,

  1. Software Engineering and Intelligent Systems
  2. Online and Computer Systems
  3. Information Systems and Services

which will provide necessary and useful for undergraduate, specialization that makes the Department students competitive in the labor market and ready to meet the modern requirements in the scientific arena of Information Technology.