Prof. Themistoklis Panagiotopoulos

Prof. Th. Panagiotopoulos is an Electrical Engineer from NTUA, with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. He has published more than 150 papers in scientific journals, book chapters of international scientific publishing houses, proceedings of international conferences, announcements at scientific conferences and seminars. He has been the editor of 5 volumes of scientific editions of practical conferences and the author of University-level Informatics books. He has participated in research and development projects of the Greek National Research Institute, the Ministry of Education and the European Union. He has also been an evaluator of GGET, the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, the Information Society, etc. Treasurer, Secretary and President in the past of the scientific society "Hellenic Society of Artificial Intelligence" (EETN). He has been a member of the Board of Directors of EKDDA for 5 years, (2005-2010), of the IEP for 3 years, (2013-2015), a member of the advisory boards of GGDE and AADE for 4 years (2014-2018, Special Advisory Council, Higher Advisory Council, Supreme Advisory Council) and President of the Scientific Excellence of the Ministry of Education. Administratively, he served as Deputy Rector (2014-2016), Director of the National School of Public Administration (ESDD) (2005-2010), Director of the Institutional Laboratories "Information Systems Laboratory" (2010-2016) and "Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality Laboratory" (2016) -today).

Office Hours: 13:00-18:00. Please contact the Professor for additional office hours.